Start selling

Do you want to sell your design chair, table, sofa or work of art? Then simply create an advertisement via the website.Enter the details below and upload at least 5 good photos. The Whoppah stylist will then assess your ad. Note: you do need an account, created via the app, to place an ad. You will also receive bids and chats through the app, so keep an eye on them!

When your ad is approved, the minimum bid level is set to 60% of the asking price by default. Do you want to set this higher or lower? Please indicate the minimum bid in euros in the description of the ad.

Do you want to know more about what you can sell on Whoppah? Read our curation rules below.

Placing an ad is free of charge. Pay when there is a successful saleprivate sellers 5% of the sale price. Business sellers pay 15% of the sales price excluding VAT.

Watch our video tutorial on how to create an ad

on the Whoppah app!

Whoppah curation rules

At Whoppah we closely monitor our second-hand design offer.

Our stylists and art experts do this very carefully. They look at:

1. The condition of the product. This must be at least "good". No major damage or wear.

2. Popularity. Is the item in demand and in demand on Whoppah?

3. The brand. Is it a designer brand such as Vitra, Kartell, Hay, Eames, Rolf Benz and Moooi?

4. In the case of vintage, antique or handmade we look at the design, the period of manufacture, the condition in relation to the age of the item and the specificity.

5. The price. Is the price in line with the market? Keep in mind that on average the original price is 50% within 3 years. In the case of art, vintage or unique design items, we look at the market prices.

6. The advertisementIs there sufficient information? Describe the age, where the item was purchased, the purchase price, the history, details, the condition, quality etc.

7. Photos: upload at least 5 photos of good quality. At least one photo of the item as a whole, without decoration and well exposed. Photos of the details such as the brand label, traces of light wear etc.

This is how second-hand selling works on Whoppah

Create advertisement in the app

1. Download the app

2. Create an account

3. Click the + button at the bottom

4. Take or upload at least 5 good quality photos.

5. Fill in the details. The more the better! Tell something nice.

6. Determine your selling price and the shipping costs.

7. Click on "place ad" and the Whoppah stylist will review your ad within 24 hours.

8. Note: always respond as quickly as possible to bids and questions from buyers in the chat.


  • Creating advertisements is free of charge.
  • Buyers pay € 1.99 transaction costs.
  • Private sellers pay 5% of the sale price.
  • Business sellers pay 15% of the sales price excluding VAT.

Arrange transport

As a seller, you decide whether an item will be picked up or shipped.In the app you can select the following shipping options:

1. You ship with parcel post (from € 7). Only do this if it can be sent by post and does not weigh more than 10 kilos.

2. Let the buyer use the Whoppah courier service. The item will be picked up from you and brought to the seller (throughout the Netherlands) from

€ 69. We will contact you to plan the day of pick-up.

Pay attention!

Take any packaging costs included in the selling price if you consider it necessary. If you choose parcel post, make sure you pack an item very well. The postal company must be able to stack it.

The shipping or courier costs are for the buyer.


Whoppah ensures that buying and selling is as safe as possible. Therefore, the buyer always pays Whoppah first. The money is then placed in a suspense account from payment provider Stripe. The moment the buyer has indicated that he has received the item in good order, by indicating this in the chat, the money will be paid out to the seller. The money will be in the account within 4 days, depending on the seller's bank.

If the buyer does not declare anything within 10 days, the money will be paid to the seller after 10 days. If the buyer indicates that they have not received the item in good order, the Whoppah support team will contact both parties to find out where things went wrong and the money will remain (until clarification) in Stripe's suspense account.

Always make sure that your data is completely up to date in the app.