How it works

How does buying work?

  • Place a bid for at least 60% of the asking price.
  • Or buy the item directly by clicking "Buy now"!
  • Negotiate with the seller via chat.
  • A deal is deal: if your offer has been accepted, you must make the payment!
  • Pay securely via iDeal.
  • The seller will only receive payment if you have received it in good order.
  • Depending on the seller, you can pick up the item or have it delivered.

What are the costs?

  • Creating advertisements is free of charge.
  • Buyers pay a € 1.99 transaction fee.
  • Business sellers pay 15% of the asking price excluding VAT.
  •  Particuliere verkopers betalen 5% van de vraagprijs.
  • Shipping costs are charged to the buyer.

What delivery options are there?

  • Depending on the wishes of the seller, the buyer can pick up the item or ship it.
  • The seller ships with parcel post (from € 6.95).
  •  Of maak gebruik van onze koeriersservice. Opgehaald en gebracht vanaf € 69. De prijs is afhankelijk van de grootte, het gewicht en of er één of meerdere koeriers nodig zijn om te tillen. 
  • The seller can include packaging costs in the sales price.


  • Go to the app and click on the + button at the bottom
  • Take or upload at least 5 good quality photos.
  • Place the item against a white background. Photograph all corners and details and make sure you have a good overview photo with the item completely in the frame. The more photos the better.
  • TIP: Make a short video!
  • Fill in the details. The more the better and you determine the sales price and the shipping costs.
  • The buyer always pays to Whoppah first and we will pay you as soon as the buyer has indicated that he has received the product in good order with a maximum of 10 days after payment by the buyer. Usually much faster!
  • Click on "place ad" and the Whoppah stylist will assess your ad within 24 hours.
  • Note: always respond to bids and questions from buyers in the chat as quickly as possible.

What are the condition criteria of 'good', 'very good', and 'excellent' in?

We check all advertisements before we place them. This is how we monitor Whoppah's first-class quality. Our stylists and art curator do this very carefully. They look at:

The brand (design brands). If it does not have a brand, for example in the case of vintage or handmade items, we look at the design, the quality, the period of manufacture, and the originality. We also consider the quality of the photos and description, how it fits within our current collection, and the attractiveness of the price.