Zo vind jij de mooiste eettafel! En zo style je hem...

This month the dining table is the star of the furniture. The central place where we come together to enjoy a wonderful Christmas dinner. A nice dining table where you sit comfortably is essential and finding the right table is not always easy. You have to think carefully about the size, shape, material. We are happy to give you three basic tips for choosing the right table and share the best ones on Whoppah for a delicious Christmas dinner.

Kersttafel design

The 10 year rule

The best dinner table that you can choose is solid, matching the space that you have in mind and the style that you will enjoy for years to come. The dinner table should be a sustainable and important purchase and a table should last at least 10 years. So be aware of trends. You might like that trendy funky dining table with all kinds of details fors a season, but not afterwards. Therefore choose a table with a timeless design. Simple and sturdy. With the right styling you can always add your funky touch. Then consider how you will use the table. Do you give a lot of dinners? Do you work at the table? Do you have growing children? This is important for the choice of size, shape, and material.

Lange witte eettafel

This is how you determine the right size

The dining table must fit well in the room which can be a delicate issue. Not too small and lost in a large space, but certainly not too large in a small space so that it becomes oppressive and uncomfortable. In addition to the space that the table already occupies, you want to have 1 meter on all sides to sit comfortably on a chair and move around the table.

So it all starts with measuring the length and width of the space you have for your table. Tip: tape the length and width of the table on the floor. Also visualise the height of the table to see how much space the total occupies. Then grab furniture of similar size (such as a few chairs) and take a step back to see how great it feels. Remember to take into account the visual weight of a table. This can also have a huge impact. A heavy dark leaf fills the room more than a light leaf and thin, tight legs.

Ovale eetttafel

Shape and legs

Square and rectangular tables are the most common. So there is often more choice when it comes to style and size. But a round or oval table can give just a little more room to move around the table, because it cuts the corners and still has a good surface. For a small space, oval is therefore sometimes the best option. In addition, round or oval tables are great for parties and extensive conversations, because there is no head of the table and everyone can see each other well. A round table is perhaps the best option if you host regularly.

Then the base: the legs. These determine how many people you can (comfortably) sit at the table with. Nothing is more annoying than bumping your knees against the legs or having just too little room to sit comfortably. Legs in the form of a trestle generally take up a lot of space. With thin legs on the side of the table it will be easy to move an extra chair. Do you go for a round or oval table. Keep in mind that the pedestal in the middle is not too coarse because then you cannot stretch your legs and you kick it quickly.

Rechte eettafel hout

And this is how you style your dinner table

Don't wait until Christmas or give a dinner party to make the dinner table shine. A well-styled dining table in the house is always a party. 4 tips to help you style:

  1. Use wallpaper! Try a nice wallpaper table runner! There are so many beautiful patterns (even 3D) and great colours. You simply add colour and atmosphere to your table and it is of course super easy to replace.
  2. 5 vases A simple and fun way to style a dining table is to spread small, minimum 5 different vases that can hold one or two flowers. Use different colours, heights and patterns for variation. Look for coherence to create tranquility. For example, all flowers in a color tone.
  3. Old again Use all the little treasures in the house to decorate the table. Old boxes, a stack of gramophone records, an old photo in a classic frame, a wall plate as a decoration and so on. Find something crazy to attract attention. Enough beautiful classic items to dress up the table.
  4. Let's plate! There is nothing more beautiful than a large plate or platter in the middle of the table with fresh seasonal fruit. But of course you can also put in other things such as plants or Christmas balls or empty it. Purchase multiple scales that together form a set.
  5. Lamps You can of course hang a beautiful lamp above the table to create a good atmosphere. But you can also choose a pair or a single beautiful table lamp that serves as an eye catcher

Klassieke eettafel

Let the festive month begin with these tips and you get a beautifully styled table in your home. View the unique offer on Whoppah here. View the unique offer on Whoppah here.


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