The story behind: de Pink Ribbon Buffetkast

Many unique items with a special story are offered on Whoppah. That's why we want to highlight these products and take you into the story of ... the pink ribbon wooden sideboard. We asked the seller to answer a few short questions.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor pink ribbon
How did you get this item?
''We bought this item together with another oak sideboard in Kampen from household effects that were sold.''

What inspired you to buy it?
''Our passion is to give furniture a new life, so we are always on the lookout for items that don't seem to be much to many people but still have a lot of potential for us, so we restyle them to give them a second life.''

What is your most memorable 'sideboard reminder'?
''When we had just picked up the wooden sideboard, the largest upcycling organisation in England was doing an action: everyone who was connected made one pink piece of furniture and a percentage of the proceeds went to the English Pink Ribbon. We thought this was such a good initiative that we painted this sideboard pink inside and out after restoration.''

Why do you want to sell it?
''That is what we do, we buy furniture, renovate and restyle them and then sell them again. But of course we would like to sell this cupboard extra so that we can make our donation to Pink Ribbon.''

In which interior would you find this item the best fit?
''The sideboard fits best with a new owner who is also somewhat outspoken. Since the cabinet is completely pink, it will not fit into any interior, but if it fits well with your interior style, it will certainly be an eye-catcher in your home.''


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