Jan Paul is the founder of the exclusive design label J A NP A U L. With the design of his furniture and accessories he creates wonderful and timeless designs .

What inspired you to start this?
"After studying product design, I started as an independent designer. I designed furniture, lighting, clocks and other interior items for various Dutch and international companies. In addition, I started with my own label where I put my ideas that are not commercial enough for mass production. Nowadays I concentrate entirely on my label: JA NP AU L. It is an organically developing collection of objects, furniture, lighting and functional art. My starting point: designs free from commercial expectations and concessions. I want to be able to fully follow an idea and let it crystallise."

What is characteristic of your style?
"Recurring themes and starting points are: the beauty of multiplicity, re-interpretation of icons, creating something new from something existing, and exploring the limits and possibilities of new materials."

How do you know what's trendy?
"I try to design objects that are timeless, averse to current trends. It can be designed 50 years ago and still fit nicely into an interior in 50 years. In this way, designs are sustainable: objects that can be with you all your life."

What is your dream and what do you hope to achieve?
"My dream is to further expand my collection with new ideas and thus create an organically growing image and story. I want to present my work more widely and sell it on beautiful platforms and galleries, and thereby generate public and resources to realise the following ideas and working out to the essence of that design."

What does your interior look like?
"A collection of my designs, especially prototypes, and a comfortable sofa to relax."

What tips do you want to give to the Whoppah shopper who is decorating his house?
"Invest in beautiful and timeless objects that you will still find beautiful in several decades. Do not place too many things in your house: they only block the view of the beautiful objects."

Lock Bamboo table Asking price €975

Spare lamp Light object Asking price €150

Mocap Illusionistic wall clack Asking price €395


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