The story behind: Coco & Esther Interiors

Coco (27) & Esther (32) from Coco & Esther Interiors are private as well as business partners. They make new furniture from second-hand vintage items. Everything is handmade and designed by the duo.

What inspired you to start this?

"During our search for furniture for the design of our newly bought house, we wanted to use second-hand furniture as much as possible. It is more durable and the real interior gems are often vintage. We not only found furniture, but we were also offered good materials that you can turn into something very beautiful. Esther’s creativity was triggered to design furniture herself and when many enthusiastic reactions came from our environment we thought we could make more people happy with these unique pieces of furniture."

What is characteristic of your style?
"Sustainable living and production is a new trend that brings many benefits. However, many people are still a bit skeptical about the aesthetics of sustainable furniture. Sometimes there is still a haze of "goat wool socks" around it. Nothing is further from the truth. Style, a luxurious look and durability go very well together. We want all our pieces to be on trend."
How do you know what's trendy?
“Esther has had a passion for interior design for years and is an interior designer and stylist. She does the scouting of the materials and the design. Marble and gold are currently favourites because it is popular and the basis of Hollywood Regency and the classic Italian style, her sources of inspiration.” 

Salontafel goud marmer

What is your dream and what do you hope to achieve with the company?
"Our dream is to build a fully circular company. In addition to the reuse of all materials, think about generating energy and collecting water yourself."

What does your own interior look like?
"With us you see the style preference of Esther: lots of marble, gold and velvet. Complemented by design classics such as the Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio. Of course almost everything in the house is vintage and second-hand. And of course many self-designed pieces of furniture. That is why we also use our own house as the backdrop for the product photos. Very handy." 
What tips would you like to give to the Whoppah shopper who is decorating his house?
“Do you want a unique and personal interior: go for vintage or handmade items. it gives character to your interior. Tip 2: make a mood board with images of your ideal interior. Check with each piece of furniture whether it fits in your mood board. This way you prevent a bad buy. The last tip: buy items that make you feel good. This makes a house a home and ensures that you can enjoy your interior for years to come. ”
You can buy the items from Coco and Esther on Whoppah!

Coffee table marble round Asking price €350
Coffee table rectangular Asking price €250

Coffee table grey Asking price €250

Chrystal carafes Asking price €60 


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