The story behind: B-Art

Many unique items that are offered on Whoppah have a special story. Last time we highlighted the pink pink ribbon wooden sideboard. We have now met Bart Stillekens, from B-Art. 



B-art is young, creative, pioneering and has an entrepreneurial spirit. From an early age he was already making beautiful drawings. A few years later he shifted his art from paper to canvas and sculptures.

B-art noted that his work appealed to people very quickly and his first artworks got sold very quickly. The first pieces were sold to acquaintances and half a year later, B-art organised his own first solo exhibition. He now works with high-quality galleries, showrooms and interior designers. But he also works on assignment.

I have my own original artistic way of working. I find it difficult to commit to just one style. Why just use 1 style when there are endless beautiful possibilities. I work on canvas, wood, mdf, copper and polystone with products such as high-quality acrylic paint, montana graffiti, markers, stickers, and prints. I also like to work with sustainable products such as epoxy, 24-carat gold and / or silver leaves, diamond dust, and lacquers.

Since the end of 2018, B-art has devoted its time mainly to developing unique 1/1 paintings. His new collection contains many new abstract artworks. By experimenting with many new techniques, B-art creates a surprising and unique effect.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor b-art stillekens

We asked him more ...

What inspires you?
‘’ The contemporary.’’

What is your dream or ambition? What do you hope to accomplish with your art? 
‘’ An international world stage so everyone can experience my art or perhaps buy it. Currently, we are mainly in the EU but we would love to expand to the rest of the world. ‘’

What tip to you have for the buyer or would you like to convey?
‘’ Every piece is limited. From 1/1 pieces to 1/100 limited editions. ’

In what kind of house or environment do like to see you see your art best?
‘’In any environment where people get to experience and enjoy it. One of my best sold pieces for example: 'The Money Paintings' can fully flourish in both homes and offices. Art should be a just a purchase. It should be an experience. ’’


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