La dolce vita! Haal de Italiaanse zomersfeer in huis

La dolce vita

When I think of Italy, I dream away with the view of emerald green hills with a row of dancing cypress trees in the distance, bright yellow lemons in an abandoned orchard, a picturesque hilltop village that forms a terracotta decor of a film from the 30s, turquoise waves that turn against the rocks on the Amalfi coast and much more ... I prefer to bring that elegant atmosphere into my home by adding Italian accents to my interior.

But what makes Italian design so special and popular? Historically, Italian design has always been loved. But in the last 120 years it has become even more popular worldwide. Italy has a rich history and is the land of many luxury brands such as Valentino, Versace, Gucci, Missoni, Prada, Alessi, you name it. There is a certain level of quality and a classic sense of style that appeals to a large group of people. And it shows: 10% of all furniture worldwide is made in Italy. For centuries, Italian manufacturers have been known for using only the best materials. In addition, the design is so popular because of the often simple shapes and elegance that fit into any interior. It therefore seems that no matter what time you go, Italian design always fits the current trend. In short: money well spent.


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