Met deze vintage tafellampen ‘versla’ jij in no time de winter blues

With these vintage table lamps you will beat the winter blues in no time!

Help! The clock has gone back one hour and the dark days are upon us. Time to cocoon and start the wintering. But that is certainly not necessary in the dark. With good lighting at home you defeat the dark winter blues.

You may not be waiting for a whole light plan. Fortunately, you don't need that to keep your house warm and light until spring returns. We have the ideal solution for you: vintage table lamps.

Table lamps are ideal. Easy to move and come in all shapes and sizes. You can easily illuminate that one corner. With a beautiful vintage lamp you can do that sustainably and stylishly. We give you a few tips and we list the most beautiful vintage lamps for you.

Turn on the lights

  1. Table lamps come in all shapes and sizes and are easily movable within your home. For example, place a small and large table lamp next to each other for even more light and a playful effect.
  2. Make sure you replace low-wattage lamps in the winter with clear and energy-efficient lamps. Dimmers are great for making the light a little cosier in the evenings.
  3. Hang a mirror opposite a window and place a table lamp in front of it. This way you multiply the light during the day and in the evening.

Our top 5 vintage design table lamps

What do we mean by vintage table lamps? Earlier we wrote a guide to vintage shopping, because there is a proliferation of the use of the word 'vintage'. The rule of thumb: a vintage lamp is between 25 and a maximum of 100 years old. We have listed the best items of this moment for you.

1. Peill & Putzler mushroom lamp

This unique mushroom lamp was designed by Peill & Putzler and produced in Germany in the 60s. The lamp is made of cirrus glass and has black and red stripes over the entire lamp. The lamp is an original and is marked with the Peill & Putzler logo.

Mushroom tafellamp

2. Vintage space age design lamp

Wow! What a beautiful and stylish example is this vintage table lamp from the renowned German lighting specialist Doria Leuchten. A beautifully shaped chrome-colored base with 3 E27 fittings, a plastic cap with a metal ring underneath. In very good original condition and marked on the bottom. The Doria company won several iF-design awards during its existence. Founded in 1948 and unfortunately went bankrupt in 1986.

Vintage lafellamp

3. La linea table lamps

Who does not know the lines of these cartoon males? They are 3 lights of the Italian designer and cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli 1920-2007. Special addition for your home. They work on batteries and can therefore be placed anywhere in the house where some (comic) light is still needed.

4. Louis Poulsen Panthella mini red

The famous design lamp designed in 1971 by the Danish Architect Verner Panton. With 150 years of existence, Louis Poulsen is one of the innovators when it comes to modern lighting. With big names like Poul Henningson and Arne Jacobson, Louis Poulsen keeps innovating in the field of indoor and outdoor lighting. This red mini is a design eye catcher in your home.

Panthella mini

5. Vintage Max Sauze lamps

Beautiful set of industrial and modern table lamps - model Uranus - designed by Max Sauze in France around 1970. The aluminum slats form a beautiful and ingenious, organic whole. One porcelain E27 fitting hidden inside illuminates the fixture from the inside, giving it a refined, graphic and warm light. Very stylish and refined, rarely offered as a set.

Vintage industriële tafellamp

In addition to this selection you will find many more lamps on Whoppah. From modern to classic and from contemporary to retro. Enough options to light up your house during the dark days.


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