Meer kleur in huis? Dit is dé nieuwe interieurtrend voor 2020

More color in your home? This is the new interior trend for 2020

Decorating in one color. It may sound like the solution to effortlessly decorate your home or perhaps a claustrophobic monochrome nightmare, depending on your preference.

Anyway, we see this trend, that we have seen in fashion already for longer, is here to stay. But how do you apply this trend in your interior? Of course you don't want it to become one boring whole with the just not effect..

Focusing on one color and creating tone on tone palette may not be the first choice intuitively when you think of a varied and vibrantly colourful interior. But it doesn't have to be that way. On the contrary: a tone-on-tone look can be surprisingly versatile and can easily be applied in style. With these tips you will realise this trendy look in no time.

Stack with colours

Remember that tone-to-tone is about embracing the diversity of a certain colour. That colour is one family and by subtly returning the tones from that family to different surfaces, the better the look becomes one whole. So try to create as many layers as possible and don't be afraid. Royal blue in addition to navy blue and powder blue? Why not? The more tones you add, the more it feels like an organic unity.

Vary with texture

Stacking different shades from the same group creates depth in the room. A coherent and relaxed feeling is created because it is simply a throbbing whole. But it takes guts. If you prefer not to work with too many tones and stick to one or two colours, make sure that you vary with textures. For example, vary with luster, velvet, glass, wood and ceramics. This way you prevent it from getting boring.

White on white

In case you are still not ready for more colour. No worries. You can also apply this pile trend with white. In addition to RAL 3010 that adorns most walls, there are more different light shades in the white family that you can experiment with. Use different shades on all surfaces: baseboards, ceilings and doors and choose white accessories with different textures: bumpy ceramics, wool and sheepskin. The whole provides a deep, warm and light appearance that feels natural.

Make it pop

A single colour that falls out of the tone certainly does not result in penalty points. It can just give that popping effect to an interior that it still needs. Are you going for a pink room? Then you can work great with powder pink, bubblegum pink and slightly brighter coral. Go for blue and still want to add an artwork with ocean green, by all means. If you use light and neutral colours, you may want to be more precise and work with one color family, but don't be afraid to experiment. For example, start with a small room such as the work or study room. You will see how much larger the room feels when you apply this trend.

Do you want to fully embrace the interior trends of 2020? Then go for the colours, neon mint, lilac or raspberry. The trend colours for 2020.

With these items you get the raspberry ton-sur-ton look at home.

  1. Dutch lounge chair
  2. Vintage Cleopatra Chaise
  3. Secret Passion, Charlene van den Eng
  4. Scandinavian hanging lamp
  5. Art deco cupboard 30's


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