Interieur trend: het nieuwe zwart-wit

Interior trend: The new Black & White

We can hear you thinking already; "Huh, new trend"? 'Black and white'? "That is nothing new"? That's right, but interior trends often come back in different ways. Usually based on new insights and new (technical) developments. This also holds for black and white. The graphic contrast of black and white brought a sense of brutality perhaps. Or, in some cases, a feeling of slightly outdated glamour. But in 2019, the black-and-white interior trend is more subtle and must ensure serenity and tranquility in your home.

With the black and white palette, you can add a calm and sophisticated vibe to your interior. But there is a thin line between calmness and a "wrong" 90s feeling. Creating a sophisticated serene interior with black and white is all about finding the perfect balance between different tones and materials. Especially because the colour palette is limited, there is plenty of room to play with with materials, patterns and textures. You can easily add structure with black and white accessories with patterns, such as ceramic vases, or pillows with a black and white mosaic effect.

There is nothing more sophisticated than a completely white room with black Eames chairs around a white dining table with a black industrial hanging lamp hanging above the table. Decorate the walls with a black and white wall hanging in light black tones and voilá. If you want to go for a less minimalistic way, combine black and white furniture of different styles and eras. Combine the Elda van Joe Colombo (1965) together with the Paola Piva B&B Salontafel (1980), a shiny Flowerpot or Foscarini Lumiere tafellamp for instance. Or imagine a white sofa as an elegant centrepiece with a futuristic side table in glossy black marble. Durable and natural materials are the perfect addition to monochrome furniture for a calm and natural look. Fabrics and accessories in linen, leather, and wool create a warm atmosphere and transform grim black and white interiors into homey and welcoming spaces. Of course black and white patterns also work well on larger surfaces such as carpets, rugs, or curtains. Make sure that the contrast is not too big and use soft tones.

Complete your interior with the current black and white art trend: thin figurative line drawings. One of the most popular art trends of 2018 and 2019 is inspired by the flowing illustrations of artists such as Picasso, Magritte, Miro and Matisse. This delicate style with wavy lines fits perfectly in a serene and modern interior. The comeback of figurative drawings is not only limited to the wall, but can be found in the entire interior. From vases with faces and beautiful plates, processed glassware, and illustrated cushions and carpets; figurative art is reflected in many accessories.


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