Kunst kopen? Lees de tips van onze curator Thim Muskee!

Meet: Thim Muskeethe Art Curator of Whoppah!

Muskee: "From an early age I had a talent for portrait painting. But I soon realised that I also enjoyed doing business. Around the age of 20 I decided to combine this. Art and trade are my world. The first ten years I was trading in 19th century art. Especially since I have an interest in 19th century history. A period in which the world accelerated impressively. Later I became increasingly interested in modern art. Classic modern and Cobra among others. For the past ten years I have mainly focused on contemporary art. I love discovering and dealing with new artists. Feel what people currently like. My advice to buyers: buy art that touches you. Dare to buy something that might scrape at first. It can move you .’’

Why do we put the Whoppah art collection together like this?
A lot of art is offered by private artists. Still, I only find 10% interesting, which is on the higher end. A lot of art is just not good enough for me to hang on the wall.

What do we look at?
I pay attention to the use of color, expression and atmosphere for instance. But the most important thing is that it's not boring. Because you don't want it to get bored after six months .

What are the trends?
Mix media is a trend, this is a combination of photography and painting. This gives it a modern and contemporary character.

What is most popular?
There are many young and promising artists at the moment. Amongst those, there are a number of very good street art artists internationally for example, that sell for a very affordable price. I would say this could be a good entry point.

Which styles do we find important to represent?
We particularly opt for modern and contemporary art. Modern art is work from the 80s and 90s. Contemporary art is what's now being made.

What should people consider when buying art?
Do you like it? Does it touch you? It's about the connection, just like a good date. What is also important when buying art is whether you are dealing with an authentic (real) work of art. Also, whether it falls within your budget. You don't have to pay too much for a good work of art. Grant yourself a nice painting above the couch!


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