Een 'jaloersmakend' mooi kantoor aan huis? Zo richt je die in

Whether you work from home a few days a week, run a business, study or just need a quiet place to update the administration. Of course you prefer to do that in a comfortable, stylish and productive workspace. A nice home office invites you to spend more time and work in a relaxed way so that you have enough energy for other things at the end of the day.

We therefore give you 4 tips for setting up a pleasant workplace and share 5 inspiring workspaces where you want to work full-time right away.

Blauw kantoor aan huis

#Tip 1 Research: which space suits my work habits?

First think carefully about your work habits. Are you easily distracted? Do you need rest? Overview? Or do you work well in chaos? Choose the best place in the house based on that. Do you have a room or space left? Or can you sacrifice one? Then go for a separate room. Certainly not your "home office" between the kitchen and the dining table. You probably spend a lot of time there, a workspace should be as comfortable as possible, a place where you can concentrate.

#Tip 2 Functionality first, beauty second

It sounds so wonderfully sensible and perhaps a bit Dutch: "go for functional and not just for looks". But for a home office this is true. After all, you spend a lot of time there and the space has to improve your productivity. Make sure that your desk, cupboards and storage spaces are functional first and then beautiful. Think: how much storage space do I need? Can I get along with a small desk or do I work more comfortably at a large table? Do I receive guests? How many screens and technology do I need? Decide on your desk and cupboard spaces based on that. And most importantly: invest in a good chair. Your back is grateful.

#Tip 3 Dress up your workspace with beautiful accessories

Because you spend so much time in your home office, you want the space to be inviting and you also want to be there. Decorate it nicely! Decoration can work wonders. Choose accessories or art that match your style and mood when you work and get inspired. You can do this in all small details, including pencil trays, beautiful notepads or a nice pen. Make it personal by hanging photos or with a painting that gets you moving. If you have a small workspace, hang a mirror, preferably opposite a window for more light. Create a positive and pleasant atmosphere. View here our beautiful mirrors for a spatial effect.

#Tip 4 Place your desk in the center

If you are going to furnish a workspace, it is sometimes tempting to place all furniture against the wall. Do not do it! It is a waste of space and you certainly do not use it optimally. Place your desk in the center of the room and away from the wall. Your desk should occupy a central place in the workspace. It not only invites you to work, it also gives a clear function to the room and a certain level of comfort. Sit with your back to the wall and not to the door. That can cause unrest. And not to forget: keep your desk tidy. Make sure that everything has a fixed place and function. This way you prevent stacking and eliminate clutter and unrest. Everything for a clean and calm office.
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** inspiration**

5 offices where you would never stop working

Go for the Ton sur Ton look to create tranquility.

Vintage kantooraanhuis

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Luxe kantooraanhuis

Go for a luxurious and warm appearance in the office with a dark cupboard wall.

Strak kantooraanhuis

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licht kantoor

Go for a light and robust office with your desk as an eye catcher.


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