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Eames is perhaps the best known design brand worldwide. Now I have always had a weakness for "the brand." Not only because of the beauty of the designs, but for the Charles and Ray Eames couple. Working side by side, she worked for 40 years on creating the most beautiful designs. They made each other better and that not only resulted in groundbreaking iconic designs but also in an indelible influence on modern architecture and industrial design. By bundling their talent, they became one of the greatest designers of the 20th century.

5 Eames facts you probably didn't know yet

1. The Eames couple worked side by side for 40 years.

Together, husband and wife built four decades and had a groundbreaking influence on modern architecture, furniture design, industrial design and photographic art. They also applied their creative minds to coming up with puzzles, toys, exhibitions, magazine covers and much more.

Charles and Ray Eames tweedehands

2. Charles didn't finish his studies. Charles Ormond Eames, Jr. grew up in the industrial heart of the United States: Missouri. He studied Architecture at Washington University, but stopped his studies after 2 years and never finished it. Bernice Alexandra "Ray" Kaiser was trained in painting and sculpture. She started her career in the New York art scene. They meet at the art school in Michigan in 1940.

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3. De baseball glove was the inspiration for the Eames Lounge chair. The Lounge chair was released by the Herman Miller in 1956. Unlike the slender lines of the other Eames designs, this chair was meant to sink nicely. The silhouette of the baseball glove was therefore the inspiration for the design. It had to become a real American icon. The modern version of the traditional club chair, but then lighter, more comfortable, more elegant, more modern and cheaper.

4. The best-selling Eames model is not the Lounge chair. You might think so, but it's the Tandem Sling Seating. This bench was initially made for O'Hare International airport in '62 and is the best-selling airport seat in the world.

Eames sling tweedehands

5. Eames in many movies. Charles and Ray Eames furniture shine in several films. When film set decorators want to convey the good taste and style of a character or when they simply need a nicer center in a living room or office, Eames is often chosen. This is how you see the office chair Eames (EA118) Aluminum swivel office chair in Mad Men, the Holiday and in Suits. The La Chaise in Fifty Shades of Gray. The Eames LCW chair in Billy Rider and the Eames Lounge chair and ottoman  in among others the James Bond film Casino Royale.

Eames la chaise tweedehands

Eames La chaise in Fifty Shades of Grey


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