De top 5 retro design stoelen waar je niet uit wilt komen

The top 5 retro design chairs that you can't choose between

So many designer chairs have been made that it is sometimes difficult to choose which chair to buy. A good chair is a statement piece and can serve as an "art object" in your home. Therefore always think extra carefully before you purchase a chair. A retro vintage design chair might just add that extra flair to your living room. We help you get started with our top 5.

Wassily chair - Marcel Breuer

This is a work that was far ahead of its time. Inspired by the metal frame of a bicycle (how Dutch!), Marcel Breuer designed this iconic chair when he was a student at the Bauhaus. Breuer designed the Wassily in 1925 - years before the mid-century modern style came to life - and has since become the model of sleek, modern design. A bit of a crazy name? Breuer originally designed the chair for himself, but made one for his classmate, painter Wassily Kandinsky. He named the chair after his friend when it was re-released in 1960.

Hidde - Gerard van den Berg

This is one of those chairs that you want to crawl into with a book. The soft leather in the shape of a baseball glove invites you to nestle in completely and not come out all Sunday. This design classic is the biggest success of Gerard van den Berg and named after his grandson, you guessed it, Hidde.

Elda - Joe Colombo

Cesare (known as Joe) Colombo, the design rock star, was born in 1930 in Milan. He was mainly self-taught and attended the Academy in Brera for a few years and then the Faculty of Architecture at the Politecnico in Milan. In the 60s, he was far ahead of his time and designed bold and daring objects that exhibited a strong optimistic vision. Various works have achieved iconic status such as the Elda (1963), named after his wife. This chair can also be found in the Louvre and the Museum of Modern Art in New York and in a number of James Bond films :-) The shell of the seat is curved, making the seat a huge cocoon, made out of fiberglass, and rotating 360 degrees. We have a very special item for sale on Whoppah. View it here.

De Eames Lounge chair

The lounge chair under the lounge chairs should not be missing from this list. Because step inside a bachelor pad or stylishly furnished house, there is a good chance that you will see the Eames Lounge Chair and associated hocker in the most beautiful corner of the house. The Eames Lounge chair was released by the Herman Miller in 1956 and is still being produced and sold. Unlike the sleek lines of the other Eames designs, this chair was meant to invite. The Eames couple designed the chair for a couple of friends, Billy Wilder and his wife. Wilder was the director of Some Like it Hot and Sunset Blvd. The chair debuted on TV in 1956. The baseball glove was the inspiration for this chair. It had to become a real American icon. It would become a modern version of the traditional club chair: lighter, more comfortable, more elegant, more modern and cheaper. Unfortunately, cheap was not successful because of the expensive production process, but if you know how to get one, you have a seat for life. Keep an eye on Whoppah, secondhand pearls like these regularly pass by.

Artifort Globe and Little Globe by Pierre Paulin

For years, Artifort has stood for top quality made by top designers. Similarly our favourites from Artifort: the Globe and the Little Globe by Pierre Paulin. Pierre Paulin started his career as an assistant at a pottery in Vallauris in southern France. He had to give up his ambition to become a sculptor after injuring his arm, after which he decided to become an industrial designer. He enrolled at the École Camondo in Paris, where he was taught in the traditional style in the Louis-style furniture section and the Directoire. During an international furniture show, organised by Kho Liang le, he made a big impression with a contemporary tub chair. Soon after the show he started working for Artifort. Paulin wins many prizes with his designs. His work is timeless and elegant and can be seen in many museums around the world. That is why we are very enthusiastic about it! The round shape of the globe and Little globe in particular always invites you to take a seat. Shop multiple variants in funky colours on Whoppah!

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