Vintage Artifort stoel

Artifort is a Dutch furniture brand to be proud of. Artifort has been making furniture for over 100 years. Initially classic and made of wood. But in the 60s, the brand made a switch to design. Well-known designers such as Pierre Paulin and Geoffrey Harcourt designed different classics such as the Tulip chair, the Ribbon, the Congo and the C683 bench. Artifort is immensely popular to date and is known for its striking, colourful design and round shapes. Artifort, which stands for Art and Comfort, designs for the eye and comfort and these designer chairs are also in great demand on Whoppah.

Artifort Ribbon Piere Paullin

Ribbon, Pierre Paulin

Artifort: how is all started…

In 1890 Jules Wagemans started as an upholsterer in Maastricht. His son took over the company and expanded it to become H. Wagemans & Van Tuinen furniture factory. In 1928 they introduced the Artifort brand name and until the 1950s, the furniture factory specialised in wooden classic furniture. The fifties meant a change for Artifort. With the arrival of furniture designer Kho Liang Ie, who became an aesthetic advisor to Artifort, many things changed. His vision and knowledge of the design profession determined the successes of the following decades.

Vintage Artifort klassiekers

Vintage Artifort classics with international fame

From the 1950s, designs became more Scandinavian and tighter and well-known designers were attracted to modernise the brand. In 1958, for example, Gerrit Rietveld designed The Swan chair for Artifort that was displayed in the Dutch pavilion of the 1958 World Exhibition in Brussels. And in 1952 the Englishman Theo Ruth designed the controversial model Congo and the Penguin. With the arrival of Kho Liang, the furniture brand is growing fast and the many high-profile designs that come on the market ensure that the brand gains international fame. Architects and design enthusiasts have walked away with it ever since and to this day.

Artifort Zwaan

Artifort Swab, Gerrit Rietveld

Sustained innovation

In 2015, Artifort celebrated its 125th anniversary and even today, the chairs, benches and tables find their way to the homes of design enthusiasts and certainly not only in The Netherlands. The brand is still known for its striking and sometimes startling designs. Collaborations with the Italian MissoniHome or designers such as Khodi Feiz for example. Ben van Berkel and Richard Hutten ensure continued innovation and popularity of the brand.

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FUN FACT: The best known chair in The Netherlands is an Artifort
What is the best known chair in The Netherlands? Maybe you are thinking about Sinterklaas' chair now, but we mean the blue chair of the Dutch House of Representatives. It may not be the design classic that is on your wish list, but the chair is expressive in colour and naturally very inviting to sit comfortably in for hours to debate. Typical for Artifort.

The top 3 Artifort chair currently on Whoppah

1. Artifort Pinguin Theo Ruth 1950s

2. 2 Artifort concorde chairs

Concorde Artifort

3. Kho Liang for Artifort chair



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