Alles wat jij moet weten over de Eclectic interieurstijl

Everything you need to know about an Eclectic interior design

Where most people still say "eclec-what?", the interior lover will certainly not have missed it: the eclectic interior style is hot in 2019! But what exactly is it and how do you apply this in your interior. I like to take you along in the do's and don'ts of eclectic interior styles.

Although the word 'eclectic' has been around for a long time, it has only recently become known as an interior style. Eclectic actually means nothing less than mixing. But it is certainly not easy. Consider it "borrowing" different styles whilst creating a coherent look by matching colours, textures and shapes. It is a careful collection of interesting elements that all work together. So it is certainly not mixing and matching everything et voila. No, the goal is to create harmony in the mix of different styles and the variation in high and low, robust and soft.

So it is certainly not easy to decorate your house eclectic. But also an opportunity to give personality to your interior. If you don't like matchy matchy, you can go wild. For example, do you like a country-style and classic interior and do you have antique furniture and modern decoration? Then you can get started. But beware: because it's a thin line between chaos and contrast.


  • Choose one main color that forms the basis for your interior. Based on your chosen color you can easily combine elements with different styles and textures.
  • Mix materials and textures. Think of an old wooden box and an industrial table with luxury Hollywood Regency accessories.
  • Give your eye a point of rest. In an eclectic interior, it is nice if you can also rest your eyes somewhat. Therefore keep some corners quiet and keep some space empty. Consider a half-full bookshelf or a table with minimal decoration. The art of omitting also applies to this style.
  • In addition to planning the colours, it is important to pay a lot of attention to the layout of the room. Plan carefully which furniture you put where and how it relates to each other. If you place all elements of one style in one corner, it might become less harmonious. Organise the mix well. Grab a sketchbook if you have to.
  • Old and new are always a good match.

Example: Hoxton hotel in Paris


  • It is not a museum. It is certainly not about displaying as many unique decorative items in different styles as possible. Only place decoration if it adds value to the space. For example, put the accent on one sculpture.
  • Do not mix endlessly. To avoid the feeling of a confused interior, it is good to determine in advance how many styles you want to combine. In short, think about how many styles you want to integrate into your interior. Set a limit to prevent chaos.
  • Don't go over the top. Eclectic certainly does not mean that you have to fill the entire room with bold patterns, ornaments, and paint the walls in bold colours. Also use light tones and calm patterns for more harmony.


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